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Here are some of the nice things our community has said about Better Living Yoga.

I love this place! From the moment I walk in the door it soothes my soul. The ambiance is heavenly, staff is warm and nurturing (Stephanie is a dream!) and every instructor is top notch. I've been a member for two months and notice a huge change in my life in addition to my tone and flexibility. Invest in yourself, you won't regret it!
Barbara G
Best yoga - Lyengar class with Cynthia Neilsen. I'm a beginner but I now can do the poses. I started only few weeks ago. My hip pain which I have been suffering from (for months with PT) is now gone. It's a dream come true. I can't believe it but it's true. I'm 57 years old and it's only now that I'm able to do the yoga poses. Great yoga teachers do make a world of difference. Thank you Cynthia forever.
Carmen T
I've now attended a few classes . What I appreciate is that this is a GREAT location for beginners ! It is one of only about 3 studios in this area that offer enough of a variation on beginner courses that you can leverage growth . Plus everyone is so kind !! Best front desk in all of the 7 local studios I tried ! Every single greeter was beyond kind and helpful ! Plus no hard sell which I luv. Cindy Shapiro, Lisa (mat pilates) and Courtney Parkyn are such skilled beginner teachers - they move you along but still make things feel calm and not too intense for us wobbly beginners 🙂
Chickpea P
This studio is geared for people 40+ so the classes offered are a mix of not too challenging and some more so. The instructors as well as the management are very personable and helpful, providing guidance for those less familiar with the different classes. I'm happy I came across this place after my shoulder surgery since it was a positive experience for easing myself back into working out. I have come to enjoy practicing yoga at this studio for some time now.
Lenny W
Loved this little shop. Classes were mostly not crowded, and the staff is ubiquitously kind. This is more of a studio for 40 plus and i am 23, so i was not as challenged as i would like to be for a work out. That said it is a super non threatening environment with incredibly helpful teachers and students. Great for 45 plus, relaxation/flexibility, and those new to yoga and not sure about a high energy type studio.
Taylor L
Went to get some information. Stephanie and Cindy were amazing!!!!! Felt very welcomed and all questions were answered.
T. Q.
It is rare that I write a review....Just started here & BEYOND amazed. Everyone is so incredibly friendly & I cannot praise Cindy Shapiro enough. She is truly knowledgeable, encouraging & kind. After just TWO classes my body feels so much better & my sleep has improved. This studio is a GEM!
Bertha P
I feel mentally and physically better after every class! I wanted a relaxing, non-competitive and comfortable experience for taking Yoga for the first time. I am happy to have found a studio that meets my needs.
Sean L
Better Living Yoga is an oasis in the busy lives we all lead. The yoga, mat pilates, and meditation sessions are all a great place to expand your practice, learn, and escape the fast pace of life. The owner and instructors have created an atmosphere where all are welcome, appreciated, and supported regardless of the level at which you are practicing. This was a refreshing change from some gyms where the star students overshadow the rest. The yoga foundations classes are a great way to improve on the form of yoga poses including inversions. They gently coaxed me outside of my comfort zone and into my first headstand in 30 years. Foundations classes are not the flow of a yoga class, but more importantly, they offer the breakdown of form and technique that you miss if you are taking yoga at a big gym. The clientele that I have shared the studio with are polite and considerate. There are no phones allowed in the practice studios and if clients arrive late, they slip in without disruption. I find this studio a great source of stress relief and an exceptional place to grow in my practice.
Michelle P
Great place for someone who has injuries ! I have been suffering from back pain since 2013 and had unsuccessful microdiscectomy / laminectomy surgery . Many doctors advised me to do fusion surgery instead i started aqua therapy and acupuncture and recently added yoga. at first I was not sure that my body could cope with yoga but i did it . Everyday that I go to this beautiful place which has vibrant energy and caring people, I feel motivated and hopeful towards life and for a few hours tend to feel relief and less pain. My favorite instructors are Alison, Peggy, Cindy, Courtney, Fay
Daniel M
Wonderful staff, from walking in the door to finishing a class, the ambiance of Better Living Yoga is calming, comforting, safe and inspiring to all!!! Give them a try!! You won't regret it!!
Sandra B
I am moving from Ca and one of the things I will miss the most is this studio. Top quality yoga teachers. I have been a yogi over 20 years and have been to many many studios all over the US and this is one of the best. All of their teachers seem to really care about each and every student. At first I thought it would be too easy as they specialize in restorative, yin and gentle flow but I cannot begin to tell you how great I feel slowing down o2/3 times a week. I really believe it helps the aging process. I feel great, I still do other types of yoga and exercise but I have incorporated these as well. I highly recommend this studio and give it a month to see how different you will feel. One last thing, David and Deone are wonderful and so helpful and friendly.
Debra W
I tried this place for the first time last night & loved it. I took the 6:15 class (after work relaxation). I was concerned it was going to be too hard but ended up being pleasantly surprised. I haven't done yoga for a couple of years so I need to ease back into it. Can't wait to try some of their other classes. The studio is clean, very calming and the owner and instructors are very friendly and helpful. They also offer some great deals to new students. 🙂
Karen M
I attended an Iyengar class with the instructor Kat at 4:30 pm. I found the yoga studio to be comfortable, quiet, and well appointed in every way, including lots of props. The temperature was perfect, and the instructor, Kat, was wonderful. The class was gentle, but also deep, and I felt thoroughly stretched out and floating in peaceful awareness by the end. Kat gave very smart and supportive adjustments that helped me open up my body while also relaxing more deeply. I think Better Living Yoga is a win for anyone looking to do Yoga.
Brian B
I love Better Living Yoga! I was out of the yoga loop for over a year and wanted to start up again, but around people my own age. The staff is so friendly and helpful. The yoga instructors have amazing knowledge. Cindy is my favorite! She is aware of everyone in her class and tends to our needs. She has a very positive energy that translates to her students. I look forward to advancing and meeting the other wonderful instructors as I progress. The room sizes are spacious and they provide all the yoga equipment you will ever need. Very clean. Just a great place to enjoy yoga!
Renee C
***** Superb selection of classes. Very knowledgeable instructors. The gentle flow classes are great for "somewhat older bones." The restorative sessions will melt away any stress. And I highly recommend Alison's massages. She is a compassionate therapist and has a way of finding the sore spots and kindly influencing them to ease up!
Micki N

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