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New To Yoga?

Here are some helpful notes and tips to help you get started comfortably.

For beginners

We recommend starting with Gentle, Gentle Flow or Restorative classes.

First Class

What to expect at your first class with Better Living Yoga (BLY). Always take your shoes off before entering the studio. Cubby holes are provided for your shoes and other belongings. At the start of class, Better Living Yoga (BLY) teachers often like to ask their students of any injuries, illness, or conditions they have, so they can propose any necessary modifications for that student or students. Many teachers will start their class with an invocation. Some teachers will not. Either way, make yourself comfortable. Many Teachers will end their class in a cross-legged easy pose, putting their palms together in front of the heart and inviting students to do the same. Your teacher might say, “Namaste”, which roughly translates to, “I bow to the God within you”, or “The Spirit within me salutes the Spirit in you“ a knowing that we are all made from the same One Divine Consciousness.

Arrive Early

Please arrive several minutes early so you have time to set up. Setting up consists of laying out a yoga mat and sitting on your mat in a comfortable cross legged position. You may want to sit on a folded blanket. If you happen to be a few minutes late, don’t worry. Simply be considerate and wait quietly by the front desk for a moment.  Then enter after the invocation. This way you can join the class without disrupting the other students.

What to Wear

Wear comfortable work out type attire. A tee shirt and soft, elastic waist shorts or leggings work well. Consider comfort and stretchy. Layering pieces such as long-sleeved thermal hoodies and lightweight zip-up jackets. These are ideal to wear during cooler weather when traveling to a yoga class. Layers can also aid in raising core temperature and loosening muscles during the warm up and prevent chills during final relaxation when the body is not producing as much heat. Clothes that are very baggy are not recommended as it makes it more difficult for the teacher to see your alignment and extra fabric can get in the way. Please avoid all perfumes and scented lotions.


In general, the best way to practice yoga is in your bare feet. Being barefoot helps to encourage proper posture and stability. If, for some reason, you cannot practice yoga barefoot, wear yoga socks, which are thin with a gripping sole. Practicing on a sticky mat can also give you better traction and balance. Plan on leaving your shoes and socks at the door.

Yoga Equipment

Better Living Yoga has all the equipment you will need for your practice. You are welcome to bring your yoga mat if you’d like, but we have mats available for your use.

Have an Empty Stomach

Come with an empty stomach (don’t eat for at least 1½ hours before class).  Try not to eat before class.

Have Fun

Last but least, have fun! Don’t forget to breathe. BLY isn’t a competition, it’s a graceful way of living.


Gentle Yoga

Gentle yoga is for everyone. If you are brand new to yoga, here is a good place to start! This class will introduce you to the basic foundational poses and techniques of yoga. You will learn a basic group of warm-ups, asanas (physical poses), basic breath awareness and deep relaxation. You’ll be taught safe alignment and proper breathing in each pose so that you can experience the benefits of yoga from the very first class.  You’ll learn how to modify any of the poses to make them accessible to your individual needs. It is an effective approach to developing flexibility and strength and encourages deep relaxation. Gentle yoga also offers a transformation for those with physical limitations: chronically tight muscles reduced range of motion in joints weakness, low muscle tone recovery from surgery or injury inflammation, and heart conditions.

Foundations Level 1

Foundations level 1 introduces the fundamental hatha yoga poses. The perfect class for beginners and continuing students. This alignment based yoga method will help you feel your best, and enjoy the benefits of increased flexibility.

Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga class provides a deep, peaceful relaxation. You practice poses that are therapeutic by providing support with bolsters, blankets, and the floor so that you can experience a state of deep rest and relaxation. Each class includes focusing on the breath, releasing stress and headaches. Relaxing deeply is extremely beneficial and healing, and is important for the mind, body and soul.

Gentle Flow


Deep Rest