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8 Great Things About Yoga in the Winter
Here’s 8 reasons why winter is a GREAT time for yoga.

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Yoga For Inflammatory Bowls Disease
Taking part in regular yoga classes may help with some aspects of IBD

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Yoga May Help Reduce Symptoms of Depression and Anxiety
Though yoga wasn’t exactly developed to treat depression and anxiety, research has shown that for some people, it does seem to be fairly good at it.

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Jennifer Aniston’s Secret to Looking Better Than Ever at 50
Jennifer Aniston reached her landmark 50th birthday in 2019 looking better than ever. What’s her secret? Clean eating, abstaining from alcohol, inner peace and, very importantly, practicing yoga regularly.

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The Benefits of Yoga for Cancer Patients
A cancer diagnosis can consume all areas of a patient’s life, especially their mental state. Implementing self-care and relaxation into their routines while maintaining a busy schedule of treatment and the requirements of their own lives is incredibly important for those living with cancer.

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Five Hollywood Stars from the 50s and 60s Who Did Yoga
Here are five Hollywood celebrities from the 1950’s and 60’s who practiced yoga or were photographed doing yoga-like poses.

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The Physical Benefits of Yoga
Yoga promotes physical health in multiple different ways. Some of them derive from better stress management. Others come more directly from the physical movements and postures in yoga, which help promote flexibility and reduce joint pain.

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Yoga May Bring a Brain Boost, Review Shows
Looking for a new way to improve your memory, gain control of your emotions, and boost your ability to multitask?

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5 Heart Health Benefits of Yoga
Research shows that yoga can lower your blood pressure and help you manage stress, which can benefit heart health.

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This is Exactly How Many Weeks of Yoga You Need for Stress Relief
A new meta-analysis published in the journal Brain Plasticity suggests a definitive timeline if you’re hoping to use yoga for stress relief.

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Yoga Poses for Thyroid Conditions
Yoga is an accessible, low-impact exercise that reduces stress and supports well-being. Could yoga help treat thyroid problems?

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Yoga May Aid in the Treatment of Stroke, MS Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and More, Research Review Finds
Neurological disorders like multiple sclerosis (MS), epilepsy, Parkinson’s Disease and Alzheimer’s impact millions world-wide. A scientific review published in the Journal of Clinical Neuroscience finds that yoga may be an effective adjunctive treatment.


Maintaining a Regular Yoga Practice Can Provide Physical and Mental Health Benefits 
Osteopathic medicine focuses on the body’s ability to heal itself and bring itself back into balance. Check out this article from the American Osteopathic Association on how yoga can be used to do just that. 


7 Tips for Better Vision 
We all know yoga helps us to connect with out intuition, our inner vision. But did you know yoga can help with the other type of vision as well?


Unlocking the Health Benefits of Yoga for African American Women 
African American women are statistically one of the demographics who face the greatest health risks in the United States. Yoga could be an important element in reducing that elevated risk.


The Yoga-Heart Connection 
Stay on the beat with this new article about the Yoga-Heart Connection from Johns Hopkins Medicine. 


I Did Yoga Every Day For A Month…Here’s What Happened 
Follow this beginner yogi’s 30-day experience and find out all the health benefits she noticed in just one month!


Why More Psychiatrists are Recommending Yoga 
Yoga increasingly proves beneficial to mental health and the psychiatric field is taking notice. 


How to Heal A Yoga Butt Injury According To A Physical Therapist 
Do you have a case of yoga butt? Despite the silly name, it’s no laughing matter. High hamstring tendinopathy is actually an injury. 


Yoga At The Airport: 5 Poses For A Long Layover 
Wherever you go, make sure you take your yoga practice with you!

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How Yoga Increases GABA and Improves Tinnitus 
As we age, many of us may experience hearing loss or what is otherwise known as tinnitus. But guess what? Yoga may help!

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Yoga May Decrease Age- Related Dowager’s Hump 
Are you at risk for a dowager’s hump? Then you may want to try yoga for that! 

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Meditation Can Help Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease: Study 
According to a new study in the Journal of Alzheimers Disease, meditation can help prevent those with mild cognitive impairment from developing Alzheimer’s.

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4 Benefits of Yoga for Chronic Lung Disease 
For people who suffer from COPD, yoga is a low impact exercise that helps control the symptoms associated with the disease. 


Yoga For Menopausal Women: Studies Suggest Selective Benefits 
Yoga may help relieve some of the debilitating symptoms of menopause including hot flashes, night sweats, and fatigue. 

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Yoga: Another way to prevent osteoporosis?
Yoga not only increases bone density, it improves balance and helps to protect against falls. 

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8 Yoga Poses to Try as a Family
They say families who flow together, grow together!

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3 Warming Breaths: Pranayama Perfect for Winter
We know your adventures may take you to some cold places. Try some of these classic warming breath techniques while on the go to help keep you healthy and heated.

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16 Poses To Boost Your Immune System
Did you know twists help to purify the body? Did you know balance poses help the body to learn to maintain homeostasis and health? Together, these two forms of postured help us to ward off un-wellness.

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6 Yoga Poses That Will Keep You Warm, Even in the Dead of Winter
Ward off the cold by introducing these poses into your practice. 

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The Skeletal System the Yoga Way
Learn how to keep your skeletal system healthy with this amazing resource. 

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Yoga for A Better Bladder
An estimated 10 to 30 percent of older people, mostly women, as well as many younger women, experience the stressful condition of urinary incontinence

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Overcome Smoking with Yoga
Did you know yoga can help promote improved health behaviors including the desire to quit smoking?

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6 Yoga Poses that Will Make Your Skin Glow
We all know the effects of yoga go more than skin deep, but have you ever wondered exactly what benefits if any yoga has for your skin?


Yoga for Diabetes: 11 Poses to Try, Why it Works, And More
With 9.4% of the American Population affected by the condition, knowing how to prevent and ameliorate its symptoms through yoga s powerful knowledge!

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Yoga May Improve Many Side Effects In Patients with Cancer 
Did You know, “…Studies in breast cancer survivors reported (with practicing yoga) improvements in social functioning and mood and significant reductions in fatigue, joint pain, and the number of hot flashes, with sustained benefits at three months follow up. It was also useful in improving physical functioning and reducing fatigue in patients with breast cancer who were undergoing radiation therapy. 

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5 Ways Yoga Can Positively Impact Your Mental Health 
Check out these t ways yoga can help with mental health. 


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Is Yoga Heart Healthy?
“Yoga may help put the breaks on the body’s stress response by activating the parasympathertic nervous system, or the “rest and digest” system, through deep breathing and relaxation… The benefits also extend to people with heart disease. Among people with paroxysmal atrial fibrillation, in which symptoms come and go, doing 12 weeks of yoga combined with deep breathing resulted in a lower heart rate, lower blood pressure, and higher mental health scores.”

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Can Yoga Reduce Blood Pressure?
The article focuses on a study of participants and how their “total cholesterol levels were reduced by ip to 30%. Levels of low-density lipoproteins (LDLs), or “bad” cholesterol, were lowered between 14% and 35% in these studies.” 

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Iyengar Yoga Improves High Blood Pressure
“Twelve weeks of Iyengar yoga produces clinically meaningful improvements in 24-hour systolic blood pressure and diastolic blood pressure. 


Yoga for Your Joints
In 2010, it was reported that 32.1% of adults experienced joint pain. Are you one of them? Check out the ways that yoga relieves joint pain, plus suggested poses to relieve it. 


Meditation and Yoga for ADHD
Find out how yoga and mindfulness change the structure of the brain as well as reshaping cognitive patterns to help treat Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.


Ability to Balance on One Leg may Reflect Brain Health, Stroke Risk
Research indicates that the ability to balance on one leg may reflect brain health, which is why one-legged standing time is sometimes used as a measure of various health risks.


Yoga May Boost Balance and Help Reduce Falls
Have you fallen in the last three months? Yoga May be the key to staying on your feet! Recent research shows that yoga may boost balance and even prevent falls in seniors.

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3 Health Benefits of Yoga for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
“Women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome are encouraged to engage in daily exercise to help balance hormones and manage blood sugar levels and insulin levels…”

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Yoga Transformed my Life after Suicidal Thoughts
You may not have experienced extreme depression to the point of suicidal thoughts, but according to Yoga Journal, the statistics of those who have are alarming. Check out this inspirational story of how Yoga uplifted this young lady and turned her into a teacher. 

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Mild Cognitive Impairment: Meditation can Boost Brain Health
Research shows that adults with mild cognitive impairment who practice mindfulness meditation could experience a boost in cognitive reserve. 

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Tao Porchon-Lynch Shares 7 Secrets to Aging Gracefully
Happy 101st Birthday to the oldest living yogi – Tau Porchon-Lynch! Tao has 7 secrets to aging gracefully including “Remember the true meaning of yoga. Yoga can be the joy of life, and its not about putting our bodies into specific postures, its about expressing what comes from inside of you and showing up to meet other people to create a oneness.” 

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Yoga Improves Health In Later Life, Study Says
According to Medical Xpress, older adults who practice yoga are more likely to be in better mental and physical shape. Yoga improves physical function as well as mental wellbeing in healthy adults over the age of 60, the study found. 

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Yoga for COPD
COPD, or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, is a set of progressive lung diseases such as emphysema and chronic bronchitis. Yoga is an excellent form of exercise for anyone with COPD. It is low impact and can help to improve both your emotional and physical health.

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40 Yoga Benefits: The (Unmatchable) Workout for Body, Mind And Soul
Ever wanted to see the benefits of yoga in one place? Well we found it – Listing 40 Benefits

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Yoga May Be the Right Move Versus Urinary Incontinence
Yoga can help older women who fight frequent bouts of urinary incontinence, new research suggests. 

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How to Evolve Your Sun Salutation at Every Age   “Our lives can be viewed through this lens of the various phases of the sun: Sunrise is considered a period to cultivate development and captures our youth; mid-day might be considered a therapeutic stage, which happens mid-life; and sunset is a time for self-reflection and self-realization, which happens as we approach the end of our lives. Read this article for a yoga instructors recommendations on how to evolve your sun salutation at every age to stay injury free and live better longer!

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Yoga for Psoriasis and Stress
As you may have learned from our latest blog, yoga can do incredible things to help relieve psoriasis! In honor of psoriasis awareness month, we bring you this article with three practices to improve this autoimmune condition so you can look good and feel better!⠀

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7 Yoga Poses to Help You Sleep Better At Night
Seasonal shifts in light can exert their effects on the human body and mind, and it’s likely that you might find it harder to fall asleep this time of year. That’s why we bring you 7 yoga poses to help you sleep better!⠀

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Yoga: Another Way to Prevent Osteoporosis?
A study entitled “Twelve-Minute Daily Yoga Routine Reverses Osteoporotic Bone Loss” showed that those who practiced the prescribed yoga routine at a minimum of every other day for two years showed significant increases in bone density in the spine. Hip bone density increased, too, but not significantly. Join us for a class at Better Living Yoga with our own Susan Kjesbo who is an expert in yoga for osteoporosis⠀

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10 ‘Simple’ Yoga Poses That Help Everyone at Any Age
“For breath is life; if you breathe well, you will live long on earth.” ~Sanskrit proverb. Research indicates that slow, deep breathing is a wellness tool available for anyone regardless of age, mobility, or strength. Pranayama practice can trigger the relaxation response, slow respiration and heart rate, reduce blood pressure, sooth digestion, improve energy and reduce stress and perceived pain!⠀ ⠀

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Yoga Poses to Reduce Stress with Lettie King
As National Stress Awareness month, April invites us to be more mindful of our stress levels, and reminds us to take action to reduce it and live better! Watch the video at the link below to learn 5 yoga poses to reduce stress.

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What Yoga Does To Your Brain
In addition to keeping your body young, yoga turns back the years on your brain, too. In one 2017 study published in the Journal of International Psychogeriatrics, older adults (over age 55) with mild cognitive impairment spent 12 weeks either practicing yoga or memory training. While both groups memory improved, the yoga group saw a. boost in executive functioning and emotional resilience.

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3 Reasons Why Yoga May Be The Most Important Workout for Football Players
Did you catch the big game? Turns out, football players may be smarter than you think!

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38 Health Benefits of Yoga
If you’re not convinced yet…check out this article from Yoga Journal. 

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Americans Who Practice Yoga Report Better Wellness, Health Behaviors
According to the National Institute of Health, more than 80% of yoga users reported reduced stress as a result of practicing yoga. Read ip more on how yoga promotes better wellness and health behaviors.

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10 Yoga Poses that Can Improve the Health of Your Thyroid
There are over 30 million Americans suffering from some sort of thyroid dysfunction. There is a connection between stress and hypothyroidism, but certain yoga poses can balance out the thyroids that are either under-active over-active to improve overall thyroid function. 

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Yoga: Fight Stress and Find Serenity
When Life gets busy, we could all use a little self-care and TLC. Learn more in this article from the Mayo Clinic!

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The Yoga-Heart Connection
In addition to its endless health benefits, you guessed it… yoga can help with your heart health too!

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Yoga Boosts Memory and Focus More Than Exercise
Getting fit and health may be at the top of your 2019 goals, but did you know that yoga can help you focus on your other goals as well?!

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Yoga and MS
Practicing yoga can give those with MS the tools to help manage everyday tasks that include balancing to stand or walk, strengthening and alignment for standing up and sitting down, and core strength. 

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Yoga Practice Decreases Severity of Rheumatoid Arthritis Symptoms
According to a new study published in Restorative Neurology and Neuroscience, eight weeks of intensive yoga practice significantly decreases the severity of physical and psychological symptoms in patients with active rheumatoid arthritis (RA). 

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When Should You Worry About Fatigue?
Studies suggest that yoga has benefits for people with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), arthritis, fibromyalgia, migraines, low back pain, and many other types of chronic pain conditions. It can also help improve mood, which can be helpful to people with CFS who are depressed. 

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The Benefits of Iyengar Yoga
We Honor B.K.S. Iyengar, the creator of Iyengar Yoga. He started doing yoga as a teenager in an effort to improve his health after contracting tuberculosis and lived to be 95! Wow!

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Yoga Linked to Lowered Blood Pressure With Regular Practice
Adults who practice yoga with breathing and relaxation exercises at least three times a week show lower blood pressure than people who don’t.  

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Active Aging Role Model: Super Yoga Granny Bette Calman
Meet Bette Calman. Known as the “Yoga Super Grann,” this Australian senior who turns 94 thus year, was still an active Yoga teacher up until the age of 87. Read more of her inspiring story. 

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The Benefits Of Yoga For Stress Management
Don’t Stress! Yoga has you covered. Read more about yoga to help deal with stress. 

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Yoga For Health Aging: Study finds Yoga Improved Common Age-related Heart and Brain Changes
No big surprise for our loyal fans… a recent study shows yoga DOES facilitate healthy aging. 

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Yoga Benefits for Arthritis
Read up on this article from the Arthritis Foundation about how scientific studies have found that the regular practice of yoga help reduce joint pain in people with many different types of arthritis. 

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To Reduce Pre-Alzheimer’s Cognitive Impairment, Get To The Yoga Mat
Yoga isn’t just for physical wellness. In a UCLA study, yoga and meditation were found more effective than memory-boosting exercises in the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease.

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Yoga: The Amazing Benefits Of Daily Practice
Some say they don’t have time for daily practice. But do you have tome to not feel and be your best self?

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Yoga May Enhance Heart Health
The breathing exercises, meditation, and relaxation included in yoga can lead to measurable improvements in factors connected with cardiovascular health including better sleep, lowered blood pressure, and less inflammation. 

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Stand Strong: Yoga For Bone Health
Build better bones! We love this article from Yoga Journal on the benefits of bone health built with certain yoga poses. 

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Yoga And Meditation Shown to Drastically Reduce Hospital Visits
This article from @huffpost about how yoga and meditation are shown to reduce hospital visits puts our minds at ease.  

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12 Reasons Men Should Do Yoga Every Day
Real Men Do Yoga.  Check out these 12 Reasons Why men should practice yoga regularly. 

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How Doing Yoga Helps You Deal With Anger
Eddie Hall, a national yoga champion, shares the moves and exercises that help him build mind-body strength and explains  “Holding a challenging yoga pose while breathing steadily has also taught me to stay calm.”

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Yoga Benefits for Men
For all of the Dads, Grandads, Sons, Brothers, Fathers and Uncles out there! Yoga has many benefits specific to men. 

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Yoga: The New ‘Old’ Medicine
Did you know that yoga has been practiced for at least 5,000 years? Read up to see the benefits yoga can bring for seniors including improved flexibility, strength, posture, breathing, concentration, and cardiovascular health, as well as reduced stress, and positive effects on medical conditions. 

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Benefits of Meditation, Massage and Yoga
Meditation, massage, and yoga are all beneficial forma of self-care for everyone, but for a. person with ALS they become an essential and important resource. While the effects may not be measurable in the traditional sense, we know they are relevant and can have an effect on symptom progression. Check out this podcast!

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How Yoga Helps Cancer Patients and Cancer Survivors
Did you know that yoga can help cancer patients and cancer survivors? Gentle yoga poses for cancer patients can work magic on many levels including clearing out toxins from treatments as well as reducing stress and anxiety. 

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Yoga and Energy
With summer comes all of the dun of summer activities. Make sure you have the energy to keep up! Through the movement we generate in our yoga asana practice, we both stimulate energy flow and reduce or remove blockages to that flow. 

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6 Great Health Benefits of Hatha Yoga
From increased flexibility and a more toned body, to a health heart and relaxed mind, check out these key benefits of doing Hatha Yoga.

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The Ancient Yogic Secret to Happiness
Over 2,00 years ago, yoga was invented as a tool for acquiring knowledge as a means to become happier. As yoga continues to grow and evolve today, it may be worth remembering that yoga is no less a powerful tool for happiness today as it was millennia ago.


Yoga for Anxiety and Depression
Yoga doesn’t just benefit your physical wellbeing; yoga can help with mental clarity as well as helping individuals to cope with anxiety and depression. Learn more in this article from Harvard Health. 

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The Connection Between Yoga and Better Sleep
According to the National Sleep Foundation, Yoga isn’t just beneficial for improving core strength, flexibility, and stress levels; it can also help you sleep better, especially if you suffer from insomnia. 

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Yoga Profile: Ida Herbert
Not only is Ida Hebert someone to look up to for an inspirational yoga practice, but she also has some great words of wisdom to pass along. “Remember; you’re never too old to do anything.”

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Benefits of Yoga for Cancer Patients
Did you know, yoga can be beneficial to those who are otherwise limited in their activities due to fatigue, shortness of breath, and other symptoms of cancer and side effects of cancer treatment?

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Yoga For Back Pain and Scoliosis: Keys to Addressing Spinal Imbalances with Yoga
“People with back pain conditions of every stripe find relief through yoga via a strong focus on functional alignment.” Read more on how yoga can help with back pain and scoliosis.


12 Minutes of Yoga for Bone Health
“Spinal fractures can result from poor posture, and there’s no medication for that, but yoga is helpful.”

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Yoga Meditation May Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease in Women
Read up on how meditation practices may help to decrease the risk for Alzheimer’s disease in females. 

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Turns Out, Yoga Really Can Work As Well As Blood Pressure Medication
Read about yoga for managing your blood pressure. 

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Improve Your Memory By Reducing Stress
Yoga offers tools to enhance memory–and transform the way you think.

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5 Sustainable Poses for Yogis of All Ages
Check us out! We were recently featured in Yoga Journal! As part of the Live Be Yoga Tour, Better Living Yoga helps to break dow the 5 Sustainable Yoga Poses for Yogis of All Ages

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Yoga and Mental Health: How it Helps Depression and Four Other Conditions
As cited in the article, “…the results of yoga increase in a dose-dependant manner. The more you do, the greater the health benefits.”

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The Therapeutic Role of Yoga
We’re here to tell you that yoga not only helps in the treatment of Alzheimer’s, Cancer, ALS, and many other ailments, but you guessed it…yoga helps in the treatment of diabetes too!

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5 Ways Yoga Benefits Your Mental Health
We all know that yoga can help our physical well-being, but not many know how beneficial it can also be to our mental health. 


5 Benefits of Yoga for Men
Once a man is aware that yoga improves strength, coordination, and cardiovascular health, just to name a few, he is likely to anticipate the next yoga class before the current one ends. 

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How Yoga Can Help Manage Type 2 Diabetes
Adding yoga to your diabetes management plan can help keep your blood sugar levels under control, reduce stress, and more.


7 Poses for Fulfilling New Year’s Intentions
“You’ve set your intentions for the New Year — now it’s time to keep them. That’s where yoga comes in.”


Yoga for Seniors by American Senior Communities
As we age, it’s important to incorporate physical activity into our daily routines to help maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Yoga has been called one of the best forms of exercise for older adults.

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13 Easy-To-Do Yoga Poses for Stress Relief
Stress relief is on everyone’s list of things to do in today’s busy world. Read up on what poses to practice when you are feeling stressed.

What Are the Benefits of Yoga for Seniors

What are the Benefits of Yoga for Seniors?
Seniors often suffer from multiple chronic conditions, such as high blood pressure, arthritis, and poor sleep. Yoga has long been shown to alleviate the symptoms of many such conditions, combining physical poses with relaxation and breathing techniques, to improve overall health and well-being. 

Yoga poses for your 50s, 60s and 70s – and Beyond “…yoga and meditation, when combined with improvements in diet and exercise habits, could reverse heart disease.”

Yoga Poses for Your 50s, 60s and 70s — and Beyond
Yoga poses for your 50s, 60s and 70s – and Beyond “…yoga and meditation, when combined with improvements in diet and exercise habits, could reverse heart 


Yoga For Seniors
Yoga can improve the lives of people of all ages in a variety of ways, including reducing stress, anxiety and depression, improving performance at work and in sport, reducing risk of heart condition, obesity, diabetes and cancer and speeding up recovery from training. @doyogawithme

Harvard Yoga Infograph

Yoga – Benefits Beyond the Mat
Yoga Benefits Beyond the Mat via Harvard Medical School.

NIH Better Wellness

Americans who practice Yoga report better wellness, health behaviors
According to the National Institutes of Health, more than 80% of yoga users reported reduced stress as a result of practicing yoga. Read up more on how yoga promotes better wellness and health behaviors here.

38 Health Benefits of Yoga
Looking for reasons to try yoga? From increased strength to flexibility to heart health, we have 38 benefits to rolling out the mat

Yoga: Fight stress and find serenity
We love the holidays, but after they’re over we can all use a little self-care and TLC. Read more about how yoga can help you fight stress and find serenity in this article from @mayoclinic

Yoga for Thyroid

Y10 Yoga Poses That Can Improve the Health of Your Thyroid
There is a connection between stress and hypothyroidism, but certain yoga poses can balance out thyroids that are either underactive or overactive to improve overall thyroid function. Check out these 10 Yoga Poses That Can Improve the Health of Your Thyroid from @healthline

Yoga Boosts Memory and Focus More than Exercise
Getting fit and healthy may be at the top of your 2019 goals, but did you know that yoga can help you focus on your other goals as well?! Read more about how yoga can help to boost memory and focus from Yoga U Online.

The Yoga-Heart Connection
In addition to its endless health benefits, you guessed it… yoga can help with your heart health too! Read more about The Yoga-Heart Connection from Hopkins Medicine

Yoga practice decreases severity of rheumatoid arthritis symptoms
According to a new study published in Restorative Neurology and Neuroscience, eight weeks of intensive yoga practice significantly decreases the severity of physical and psychological symptoms in patients with active rheumatoid arthritis (RA).

Yoga and MS
Practicing yoga can give those with MS the tools to help manage everyday tasks that include balancing to stand or walk, strengthening and alignment for standing up and sitting down, and core strength.

The Benefits of Yoga

The Benefits of Yoga
The benefits of yoga provide both instant gratification and lasting transformation.
Read about the benefits.

Yoga May Be Good for the Brain

Yoga May Be Good for the Brain
NYTimes believes yoga is good for your brain. We agree! Do you?

6 Benefits of Yoga for Seniors

6 Benefits of Yoga for Seniors
Getting older presents many gifts—maturity, grace, wisdom, experience, and perspective, to name a few. Growing older can also carry many challenges. Yoga can help with these challenges!
Read these 6 benefits of yoga for seniors by Chopra

SYI MMY Website Pic3

Yoga for Seniors
As we age, it’s important to incorporate physical activity into our daily routines to help maintain a healthy lifestyle. Yoga has been called one of the best forms of exercise for older adults.
Read Benefits of Yoga for Seniors by @ascseniorcare

5 Tips for Practicing Yoga With Arthritis

5 Tips for Practicing Yoga With Arthritis
Do you have arthritis? Check out these 5 tips for practicing yoga with arthritis by @health.usnews


7 Yoga Poses for Seniors
7 Yoga Poses For Seniors – “Yoga can be done from age three to ninety-three and beyond!”

Yoga For Older Adults 5 Health Benefits Of The Practice For Post50s

Yoga For Older Adults: 5 Health Benefits Of The Practice For Post50s
Yoga For Older Adults: 5 Health Benefits Of The Practice For Post50s by @huffingtonpost


How Yoga Changes Your Body, Starting The Day You Begin
How Yoga Changes Your Body, Starting The Day You Begin by Learn about the benefits here:@huffingtonpost

Combatting Arthritis

Combating Arthritis the Yoga Way
Combating Arthritis the Yoga Way – “ A 29-year-old software engineer and a 60-year-old homemaker share how yoga helped them resume ‘normal life’ despite being affected by arthritis.”


Yoga Benefits for Arthritis
Practicing yoga regularly can reduce pain, increase flexibility, improve function and lower stress.

Iyengar Yoga

Iyengar Yoga
Iyengar Yoga – By paying close attention to anatomical details and the alignment of each posture, Iyengar Yoga is the practice of precision. Poses are held for long periods and often modified with props. This method is designed to systematically cultivate strength, flexibility, stability, and awareness, and can be therapeutic for specific conditions. B.K.S. Iyengar founded Iyengar Yoga. @yoga journal