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Fortysomething Yoga Benefits

America is aging.  Every day over 10,000 people turn 60.  Seniors are the largest growing segment of the US population.  In 2010 there were 40 million people in the US over 65; by 2030 it is expected that this will nearly double to over 72 million people. After age 40 the body begins to show the effects of aging.  The

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40 & Up Yoga Different Folks, Different Strokes

40 & Up Yoga Different Folks, Different Strokes by David Omkar Webster, Better Living Yoga   We are all getting older. Although we all age differently, there are some basic characteristics of aging. The aging body begins to work sub-optimally.  We become stiffer less supple. Our muscles tighten from lack of use. Misaligned neuro-muscular patterns, many of which are from

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