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Doctors Little Helper: Yoga for the Coronavirus By Aubree Kozie; Edited by David Webster

The ancient practice of yoga teaches many ways to regulate the body in order to defeat outward threats such as virus’ and disease. A yogic lifestyle can provide a foundation for developing self-awareness which affects the way we interface with the world around us. Through yoga we develop awareness to make conscious decisions that directly benefits our overall health and

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Stay On the Beat: Yoga for Heart Health By Aubree Kozie Edited by David Webster

You love yoga, and yoga loves you back! One of the important ways yoga does so is by helping the practitioner maintain optimal heart health.    While research in the past on heart health has been centralized around the benefits of aerobic exercise and keeping your heart “fit,” science is beginning to shift toward investigating the benefits of more calming

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Yoga and the Immune Response By Aubree Kozie, Edited by David Webster

It’s that time of year again — cold and flu season. Chances are, you are sick right now, or maybe you have already gotten sick this season and are hoping to prevent it from happening again, or perhaps you have been b-lining it out of the room whenever someone with a sniffle walks in, hoping to avoid it entirely. If

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