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Yoga and the Immune Response By Aubree Kozie, Edited by David Webster

It’s that time of year again — cold and flu season. Chances are, you are sick right now, or maybe you have already gotten sick this season and are hoping to prevent it from happening again, or perhaps you have been b-lining it out of the room whenever someone with a sniffle walks in, hoping to avoid it entirely. If

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Harnessing Mind and Body: Yoga for Managing Blood Sugar Levels and Holistic Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes By Aubree Kozie, Edited by David Webster

Yoga is a holistic health framework which harnesses the mind-body relationship to improve overall health. This is made abundantly clear by research which explores the treatment of type 2 diabetes with yoga.    The Condition   Type 2 diabetes is an incredibly common lifestyle disorder which results when the body becomes resistant to insulin or becomes partially or completely insulin

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Yoga for Lung and Respiratory Health By Aubree Kozie

I had a yoga instructor once remind me:   “If you aren’t breathing, you’re not doing yoga. That’s just glorified stretching.”    The breath is indeed a powerful element of the practice. It sets the pace and tone for our practice, oxygenates our muscles, and brings us back to the ritual practice of riding the expansion and contraction of Spanda,

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