Better Living Yoga is a unique yoga studio in Southern California catering to adults 40 and beyond. Everyone is welcome! We offer therapeutic, Iyengar yoga, restorative, gentle as well as strong flow classes, gentle yoga, yin yoga, and mat Pilates, all geared toward preventing and reversing the detrimental effects of aging. Our members include men and women from 40 to 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s.

We are unique because we cater to adults 40 and beyond and offer a wide variety of yoga classes, taught by highly experienced instructors, that maintain and improve quality of life physically and mentally. We were founded Summer 2013 and are excited to open our doors to the public in March 2014. Our yoga helps you feel better, love life, be more vibrant, become pain free, look younger and brighter.  You don’t have to be young and fit to practice yoga, “If you can breathe, you can do yoga.”  As Patanjali, a classical yoga sage says, “The pain that lies ahead [as we age], could be and should be avoided”. Our strategy is to promote the emotional benefits of yoga in an environment of peers that is non-competitive, open and welcoming.  Every-body is different.  Each has an optimal blue print.  Better Living Yoga teaches alignment based yoga to bring the body into anatomical neutral within the constraints of the optimal blueprint, which will prevent and reverse chronic conditions of aging bodies.  “Yoga is for everybody, but not every pose is for every-body”. Better Living Yoga is fun loving,yet practical; energizing, yet relaxing; vibrant, yet calming; playful,yet experienced; knowledgeable, yet with a student’s mind; welcoming, non-judgmental, loving, yet patient.


Here is what people are saying about us:

7/10/2014 YELP

I attended an Iyengar class with the instructor Kat at 4:30 pm. I found the yoga studio to be comfortable, quiet, and well appointed in every way, including lots of props. The temperature was perfect, and the instructor, Kat, was wonderful. The class was gentle, but also deep, and I felt thoroughly stretched out and floating in peaceful awareness by the end. Kat gave very smart and supportive adjustments that helped me open up my body while also relaxing more deeply. I think Better Living Yoga is a win for anyone looking to do Yoga. – Brian B.

6/21/2014 YELP

Just attended the Johnna Trimmer yoga workshop today at the Better Living Yoga Studio.  Loved the workshop, loved Johnna and love the new Better Living Studio. Everyone is so welcoming and friendly, classes are not crowded and teachers are great! Debbie P.

6/9/2014 YELP

This studio has such great instructors.  I have been practicing yoga for years.  I like that Better Living Yoga offers different types or styles of teachings.  Perhaps I may want to focus more on precision and alignment one day so I take Megan Bello, David Treat, or Kat’s class.  Today I woke up and felt as though my body needed to move a little with some music, gain core strength,  and enjoy a mini forehead/temple massage so,  I opted to go to Deborah Miller’s class this morning.  I was not disappointed.  I have also taken Stephanie’s class with the Yoga Tune Up therapy balls, another great class and instructor.  This new OC studio is spacious, welcoming, and friendly.  Thank you BLY you’re a breath of fresh air! Layla P.

6/3/2014 YELP

My first experience with yoga was at a gym.  Although it was supposed to be for all levels, it was not a good experience and I did not return.

I decided to give it another try at Better Living Yoga.  The studio is nice and clean and everyone is friendly and welcoming. I’ve taken classes from different instructors and have found each to be very good.  They pay attention to form to get the most out of poses and modify poses to accommodate all levels.  It is a little out of the way for me but the benefits of BLY make the drive worth it. Trudy C.

5/28/2014 YELP

Better Living Yoga has been a wonderful experience.  I have no other experience to compare it to.  I am new to Yoga.  I do know that the people at BLY are amazing!  The owners, the instructors, the space/rooms are all very inviting.

I am practicing at least 4 times a week.  I have to try out all of the teachers and the different types of classes.  And every time I walk in there is always a smiling face to greet me.

BLY is such a warm and inviting place.  The energy is relaxing and I always feel welcome, even in the classes with “experienced” students.

I look forward to going to every class – I love the people at BLY! Bonnie M.

5/25/2014  YELP

I’m new to yoga and this place is great. The teachers are very helpful and knowledgeable. The studio is spacious and clean. It’s a nice place to go and learn at your own pace.  It’s about learning yoga and practicing for life.  Highly recommend it!! Claudia S.

5/20/2014 YELP

Even though I still commute between NorCal and SoCal, I’m doing my best to spend most of my time in the warmer and friendlier south.  I thought I had been to almost every yoga school in South Orange County, but, a friend told me about this brand new one in Aliso Viejo.  It’s a little off the beaten track and it’s definitely in one of the less-trendy shopping centers.  When my friend and I approached the generic front (with her gushing about it the whole time), I had my doubts.

Those doubts were soon put to rest.  First and foremost, B.L.Y. Is CLEAN!  It is really, really, clean.  No sweat pools, no clammy air.  No reek.  No props left out to trip over. No nail polish streaks on the floor.  (O.C.’s latest fashion in yoga rudeness)  The large bathrooms are impeccably kept and the two spacious asana rooms are pristine.

As Sarah C. mentioned, BLY is brand-new, so the classes are small.  However, from what I’ve been told, experienced yogis who are tired of crowds, attitude, competition, nostril-withering smell and the constant hard-sell (are you LISTENING, Yoga Works?) are making their way to Aliso Viejo.  BLY has dispensed with trendiness in favor of brightness and comfort.  The two desk staffers I’ve met – who I think are the owners – were as sweet and charming as can be and my throat doesn’t even have bruises on it from fighting over a double-lifetime membership!

I’ve only been to three classes, so far – Megan Bello, Kat (?) and Peggy Hall.   I knew of Megan and had studied once before with Peggy.  I’m more Iyengar in my approach, so I liked Megan (who’s not officially certified, but it doesn’t matter) and Kat (who is) a little better than Peggy.  But, Peggy is so gosh darn happy, enthusiastic, sweet and beautiful that she could make Franz Kafka yodel.   Kat is sweet, smart and technically proficient.  Megan’s long experience in yoga and her studies in India come through in her powerful teaching.

My only qualm is what might happen to B.L.Y. when O.C.’s fed-up yoga hordes find it.  Something tells me those two nice people will take it in stride and Better Living Yoga will emerge victorious from the ceaseless local yoga wars.

Added Note:  Hey, whose idea was it, lately, to put giant paintings on asana room walls?  Where do you kick up into inversions – right into Mona Lisa’s mouth?  B.L.Y.  doesn’t have paintings on the walls.  My handstands might actually improve. Deena V

5/2/2014  YELP

I have been practicing yoga for fifteen years, first at yoga works in Costa Mesa and a studio in Laguna Beach then yoga works in Laguna Beach as well as ritual yoga in Laguna beach. I started yoga when I was in my mid-forties. I am really glad I found Better living Yoga, the place is very clean and the people that run it are super friendly. I have tried three teachers so far in the last three weeks since I have been going there. All are great teachers. Peggy Hall, which I knew for five years, Megan, and Stephanie. They are excellent teachers. Since the place is new the classes I go to which are at 9:15, 9:30, and 10:00 am are small, three to five students in the class. But this is good for now because each student gets a lot of attention. They have a deal on living social but they are matching it at the studio. So, if you live nearby, you are lucky, go check it out, they give you a week free to try it, but once you do, you will love it. Who needs a crowded studio with sweaty smelly rooms! when you can come to this studio. Lots of parking great location on Aliso creek rd. Sarah C

4/28/2014  YELP

What a great concept!! New yoga studio in Aliso Viejo. I will be going back.- Kathy Shields


Beautiful, clean, welcoming studio and fabulous teachers – Lynette Brasfield

Amazing instructors !!! –  Christopher Shields Moses

I started going to better living yoga about two months ago. The studio is very clean and inviting. As I am new to yoga, the teachers made me feel comfortable and confidant in my new yogi body, I feel great! – Vanessa Craft

Joined Better Living Yoga when it opened. Very friendly and welcoming with awesome instructors! A class for everyone! Clean and friendly! This tired old body is rejuvenated! Thank you! – Janet Johnson