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About Us

We are unique because we cater to adults 40 and beyond and offer a wide variety of yoga classes, taught by highly experienced instructors, that maintain and improve quality of life physically and mentally.

We were founded Summer 2013 and are excited to open our doors to the public in March 2014. Our yoga helps you feel better, love life, be more vibrant, become pain free, look younger and brighter. You don’t have to be young and fit to practice yoga, “If you can breathe, you can do yoga.” As Patanjali, a classical yoga sage says, “The pain that lies ahead [as we age], could be and should be avoided”. Our strategy is to promote the physical and emotional benefits of yoga in an environment of peers that is non-competitive, open and welcoming. Every-body is different. Each has an optimal blue print. Better Living Yoga teaches alignment based yoga to bring the body into anatomical neutral within the constraints of the optimal blueprint, which will prevent and reverse chronic conditions of aging bodies. “Yoga is for everybody, but not every pose is for every-body”. Better Living Yoga is fun loving,yet practical; energizing, yet relaxing; vibrant, yet calming; playful,yet experienced; knowledgeable, yet with a student’s mind; welcoming, non-judgmental, loving, yet patient.

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