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Mystic Reiki Healing Circle with Kerry Walker-Collins

Reiki is based on the idea that everything is made up of energy (life force energy). The life force energy that flows through us all…. can be abundantly supported and replenished through reiki energy healing (individual) or the healing circle(group).

Our daily lives can be stressful, and we are being depleted of our vital life force energy… reiki energy is a way to refuel ourselves from daily stressors both known and unknown.
When we are running on empty- we are more likely to feel out of sorts, tired, anxious, easily angered, stuck -in other words – not our best selves.

Once our bodies are refueled we feel more clear, connected, peaceful and are able to give back to yourself and others.

In this Mystic Reiki Energy Circle reiki master teacher Kerry Walker Collins will begin by connecting the participants in greeting before leading a meditation to relax body mind and spirit and open each participant to better receive the divine flow of reiki energy.

Once achieved, each will receive a reiki healing attunement- a temporary adjustment in energy to refuel, remove energy blocks, and set you on a more clear and connected state.

Some groups will have the added bonus of writing and or an oracle message-dependent in group size and time available.

Saturday, March 28th
12:30pm – 1:30pm

COVID-19 Status: Open with Restrictions