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EARTH DAY AHIMSA by Aubree Kozie

Earth Day is fast approaching (April 22, 2019) and this day of love for our home planet invites us to go a little deeper in our practice.

As one practices yoga more and more, one inevitably becomes aware of the fact that yoga’s influence and relevance extends far beyond the edges of the yoga mat.

This practice brings deep mindfulness, ease, and peace to all elements of everyday living on an individual, communal, and global level.

Your world begins to become saturated with the wisdom and skills you build on the mat, and as one grows, the natural integration of these yogic practices helps us to live better.

So this month, in honor of earth day, we invite you to join Better Living Yoga in the practice of Ahimsa (nonviolence).

Additionally, keep reading for some creative ways to have an earth-inspired and grounding yoga practice!


Earth day is the perfect opportunity to practice Patanjali’s concept of nonviolence, by living in such a way as to do no harm to self, others, or planet. This April, we invite you to explore this mindful way of being and to look for ways to give back to the planet or reduce your consumption of waste that harms it. We at Better Living Yoga Invite you to develop lasting rituals to nurture and eco-centric yoga practice to help sustain our wellness, and that of our life-giving home.


Here are a few ways to honor the earth and your yoga practice this month:

1.) Invest in Eco-Friendly Yoga clothes and Accessories –  including Teeki (who makes clothes out of recycled plastic water bottles). Make sure you recycle or donate your old yoga props and clothes to give them new life.

2.)Practice grounding poses –   the hips and legs are ruled by the root chakra and the earth element. This earth day, try incorporating poses which open and balance this area of the body: Pyramid Pose, Lizard Pose, Splits, tree Pose, One-legged king pigeon Pose, mountain pose, and child’s pose are great options.

3.) Practice with Long Holds –  long holds in poses help us to integrate earth energy into the body by building bone density with regular practice.

4.) Practice Yoga by Candlelight  save some energy and add an extra relaxing element to your practice. This is a particularly restorative option in the evening, and will reduce harmful absorption of blue light, which can disrupt sleep cycles.

5.) Earth Element Mudra –  Prithvi Mudra is created by touching the tip of the ring finger and thumb together, and extending the rest of the fingers. This mudra supports the bones, cartilage, skin, hair, nails, flesh, muscles, tendons, and internal organs. Hold this mudra for 10 minutes to increase vitality, endurance, and strength.

6.) Dedicate your practice –  practice loving kindness meditation and hold the earth lovingly in your thoughts

These eco-centric practices will help to build habits that not only help sustain you, but also help sustain our planet!

Aubree is a yoga teacher, artist, and writer. YYT 200, owner of Root To Rise Holistics (@roottorise on Instagram).

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