Facial Yoga is much more than just facial muscle exercise.
It’s composed of:
– Exercises for strengthening the facial muscles
Individual approach which considers the type of the individual’s gravitation and their crisis areas
– Breathing techniques with which the exercises are 70% more efficient
– Facial diagnosis, with which we understand what wrinkles, skin imperfections and stains that appear at a certain location on our face, actually mean
– Acupressure points which have a positive effect on facial blood circulation, look and health
– Chinese medicine: the 5 elements, biorhythmic clock and foods that help to prevent premature aging
The basis of facial yoga are exercises with which we touch upon the parts that lie deep beneath our skin but are of vital importance for our look, health and well-being. With the activation and training of our facial muscles, we take care of stimulation of blood circulation of all parts of the skull –muscles, brain, glands in our head and also of the skin. Flow – circulation of every cell, tissue, muscle and the whole body is the one that takes care of our staying in the best shape, no matter our age.
We activate all the muscles that sag under the gravitation anew; we lift them and give them volume with carefully prepared exercises. With the help of facial yoga, we erase the sagged skin on our neck, double chin, we erase the wrinkles between the eyebrows and around our eyes, lips, we lift the mouth corners and cheeks and sagged upper eyelid and much more; we beneficially affect our well-being and health.