The basis of facial yoga are exercises with which we touch upon the parts that lie deep beneath our skin but are of vital importance for our look, health and well-being. With the activation and training of facial muscles, we take care of stimulation of blood circulation of all parts of the skull muscles, brain, glands in our head and also of the skin. With the help of facial yoga, we tone and lift the muscles and erase the sagged skin on our neck, double chin, wrinkles between the eyebrows and around our eyes, lips and much more; we beneficially affect our well-being and health.

Why should you choose this workshop for UPPER FACE LIFT ?

You will receive:
• 4 most efficient exercises for:
– strengthening and lifting the upper part of the face
– smoothing wrinkles around the eyes, between the eyebrows and on the forehead, lifting of the upper eyelids, combating dark eye circles
– improving eye – vision
– reducing headaches and improving concentration• Insight into the facial diagnosis and Chinese medicine, with which we understand what wrinkles, skin imperfections and stains that appear at a certain location on our face actually mean
• Breathing techniques with which the exercises are 70% more efficient
• Acupressure points which have a positive effect on facial blood circulation, looks and health.*MORE ON GLOWINFACE.COM